The time thief

Carbon Positive Farming with Peter Burton Functional Fertiliser Ltd Procrastination – the thief of time. It’s not original, having been used in a long-running television ad some years back, however it seems appropriate...... Read More

Industry thrives

Fruition Horticulture with Sandy Scarrow The kiwifruit industry is in the middle of the biggest ever harvest of kiwifruit. For the third year running the volumes of Gold3 kwiifruit harvested exceeded that of the traditional green...... Read More

World Environment Day

Rural Women New Zealand Alex Eagles-Tully The constant negative news about our changing climate, polluted water and declining wildlife can sometimes feel overwhelming and people who want to make a positive difference are often left...... Read More

Is subdivision an option to reduce debt?

Your land surveyed with Brent Trail Surveying Services Ltd   If you are moving on to a new farm and looking at subdividing to reduce debt levels, you may have a lot to learn. Don’t assume that the rules are the same...... Read More

Copper testing of livestock

Vet's vision with Phil Rennie Tauranga Vets   With the end of the facial eczema challenge close at hand, and with it the need for ‘zinc supplementing season’, it is important to check your stock’s...... Read More

Fert facts (part one).

Better soils with Brett Petersen Kiwi Fertiliser & Golden Bay Dolomite   Over the coming months, Brett will share 40 facts about fertiliser that will help optimise your soil. Here are the first 10. Kiwi Fertiliser can...... Read More

Unlocking soil’s full potential

Beneath the surface with David Law Forward Farming For the past 18 months, we have regularly reported the physical changes occurring on our Whakatane Total Replacement Therapy demonstration farm, Wyndlea. Clover has multiplied,...... Read More

Strong returns and quality for Just Avocados’ growers

Avocado Advice with Erica Faber Just Avocados Just Avocados reported strong returns and quality for the 2020-21 season despite the challenges of Covid-19 and a higher than usual percentage of small fruit. Highlights of the season...... Read More

Time to make a plan

Tony’s Take on avos with Tony Bradley Aongatete Avocados Ltd June: it’s six months into the year – half way through – and it’s a time of the year where there’s not a lot happening on orchard. It’s...... Read More

Acorn Poisoning

Vet's vision with Phil Rennie Tauranga Vets Do you have any Oak trees on your property? If so it’s good to be aware that most animals are susceptible to Quercus poisoning, although cattle and sheep are affected most...... Read More

Subdivision can save our waterways

Your land surveyed with Brent Trail Surveying Services Ltd Whilst there is plenty of planting going on out there on the farm right now to protect the quality of our Country’s waterways there is an awful lot more to do! ...... Read More

Where does Kiwi Fertiliser fit in?

Better soils with Brett Petersen Kiwi Fertiliser & Golden Bay Dolomite Most farms in NZ have adopted a chemical approach to soil fertility. This has evolved because the farmers own shares in fertiliser cooperatives. For some...... Read More

Leadership programme is back

Hort Talk with Mike Chapman HorticultureNZ CEO The HortNZ Leadership Programme is back for 2021 and programme director Sue Pickering of Develop Ltd says she’s excited to get the ball rolling. The programme is for emerging...... Read More

Getting lost in the detail?

Carbon Positive Farming with Peter Burton Functional Fertiliser Ltd What should be bothering you most, methane, nitrous oxide, nitrate-nitrogen levels in ground water, carbon sequestration, or the politics of it all? Making...... Read More

How to not lose money

Finance with Don Fraser Fraser Farm Finance Before I forget, I thought I would pen out a story on what I learned during 50 years of valuation, finance and mediation for farmers. If you find yourself heading down the wrong road,...... Read More

A biological approach

Beneath the surface with David Law Forward Farming With 1km of stream winding through Total Replacement Therapy’s newest focus farm, the team has been presented with an opportunity to not only measure the reduction of synthetic...... Read More

The stars align

Outlook with Bill Webb Bill Webb Feed Solutions Quite a few of the farmers I've spoken to say production is up as much as 40 per cent for March because we've had the extra rainfall in La Nina. From January 1 to near...... Read More

Climate change conundrums

Fert Options with Robin Boom Agronomic Advisory Services In late January the Climate Change Commission released its 800 page report to the government on what NZ should do to meet its obligations to the signed UN Paris Agreement...... Read More

Helping Osteoarthritis: Chondroitin sulphate (Part 2)

Abundant living with John Arts Abundant Health A significant research study (Wildi et al, 2011) that confirmed the benefits of high dose Chondroitin sulphate (CS) for joints affected by osteoarthritis. This week we dig a little...... Read More

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