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Te Kauwhata horse rider and livestock breeder, Jeremy Clark.

The expanding range of Dynavyte naturally brewed and fermented live probiotic products is Australian-made and manufactured to improve and maintain the health, welfare and performance of horses, calves and stock in general.

Te Kauwhata horse rider and livestock breeder, Jeremy Clark, was first introduced to Dynavyte when a friend brought some back from Australia and recommended trying it on his horses.

Jeremy noticed the improvement in the animals within three weeks and realised Dynavyte could be beneficial for livestock and other animals, so he brought the products to New Zealand.

Dynavyte New Zealand imports and distributes products containing a probiotic called Bacillus subtilis natto.

Dynavyte Livestock Microbiome Support (MBS) is the flagship of the range, and is available through PGG, Farmlands and saddleries nationwide.

Jeremy says one of the main advantages of Dynavyte MBS is that it’s a prebiotic and probiotic with an anti-inflammatory and immune booster effect.

“It’s unique in that it’s not a dead, yeast-based powder but a live, spore-based liquid,” says Jeremy.

“Dynavyte MBS has a Bacillus count of at least one million spores per litre. Tests shown the product retains, and grows, this spore count for two years plus, with no contamination – actually improving with age.” The calf-rearing community has realised the advantages of using Dynavyte MBS, says Jeremy.

“It goes into the cows' feed, and thus their milk for the calves. It promotes absorption in the stomach, giving better utilisation of feed and better conversion rates.

“Improved animal health is a saving to the farmer, with less money being spent on antibiotics and other treatments.”


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