Friday, July 21, 2017
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Racing in the blood

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"It’s just business out there and that’s it."

That’s what Trudy Thornton said after winning a race against her daughter and niece at the Kiwifruit Cup at Tauranga Racecourse today.

All three women competed in one of the first races for the day, with Trudy coming in first.

“They know what they’re doing. I have confidence in both of them. We’re competitors when we get out there. It’s a very individual sport,” Trudy says speaking to SunLive after the race.

Trudy’s daughter and her niece were destined to be jockeys with racing in their blood.

“Both parents are jockeys, so it’s unavoidable.”

Samantha says she loves racing against her mum.

“I get to see mum every day. Like mum said, it’s a real individual sport, but if I get to see her out there racing, and I know she is not going to beat me, then I am happy for her.”

Both mother and daughter have been riding for ten years and have had plenty of races against each other.

The pair admit to giving each other a bit of stick when it comes to the smaller races and some advice if needed.

“When it comes to a big race with money on the line, then you tend to keep to yourself.”

Trudy says most jockeys tend to keep to themselves and focus on the race ahead.

“It is an extremely individual sport.”

The last race of the day is scheduled for 4.43pm.

Trudy Thornton came in first on Adriatic Pearl.

Trudy Thornton on Adriatic Pearl coming in before Danielle Johnson riding on Arzak in the Capital Tractors Tauranga 1600.

Adriatic Pearl in the lead.

Trudy’s daughter Samantha Collett riding on John Gray before the race.

Trudy’s niece, Alysha Collett before the race, she came in third riding on Bowie.

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